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My name is Desiree T. Young. I am an author, speaker, and musical artist. I have a BA in psychology and I educate people on various subjects including human trafficking, mental health, and writing. Below you can check out one of my courses or request me to come speak at your event.

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RISE: Overcoming Anxiety 

Some journeys you take minute by minute, hour by hour. Others you take day by day, week by week. This course is designed to help you on your journey in managing and overcoming anxiety. Each lesson is meant to be repeated every day for a week and added to the next one. My hope is that it will help you not just manage your symptoms but make it so that they lessen over time.

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How tos for Writing 

This course is for men and women who want to go from fantasizing about writing to actually doing it. In a matter of months, I will take you from not knowing where to start to creating a great work of art without feeling overwhelmed or incompetent. This course will be best applied for fiction writers, and will include weekly encouragements throughout our journey together. 

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Want me to speak at your event?

Click below to be directed to my contact page. I offer education on human trafficking for schools, anti trafficking orgs and more. I focus on explaining the effects of trauma and importance of after care as well as let people know warning signs ways they can help combat it.

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